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Years of First Hand Experience 


Founded in 2004

Our original company, Hospitality Concepts and Solutions (HCS) was founded to provide valuable advice and assistance based on first-hand experience to clients in a range clients in the private and public sectors throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Experts in Hospitality


Our initial focus was towards the hospitality industry. We consulted and worked directly with hospitality business owners, operators and investors in assessing potential opportunities and developing appropriate strategic plans and full implementation of cost-effective solutions.


What did we do in HCS?

We helped clients structure and negotiate terms & conditions of operation, as well as management contracts. We have extensive experience in international contract negotiation and structuring, including strategies to shorten the bid process and bring customer discussions to a successful conclusion.

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HCS Becomes GCS

In 2011, we ventured into retail after being hospitality-focused firm due to enormous demand and inquiries. To meet the demand, we created a division called Retail Concepts and Solutions (RCS) and keeping the old name of the company Hospitality Concepts and Solutions (HCS) as another division.

With these changes, we have evolved HCS and the newly formed RCS into a new and revitalized company called the Global Consulting Solutions (GCS). With GCS, we have become free to explore greater challenges and serve more industries not limited to either retail and hospitality sectors.


Mergers with Consulting Firms

In 2012, GCS has associated itself with established consulting firms such as King Casey, Differentiate, Hospitality Concepts and Francorp ME. These mergers will give better opportunities to serve more clients with unlimited resources.

Where Our Experience Comes From

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