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We Offer Franchising Expertise

We provide professional representation and assistance, whether franchisors are looking for single unit franchisees, master franchisees or area developers.

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Franchise Diagnosis

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Franchise Development

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Franchise Management

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Franchise Consultancy

We work with franchise concepts from around the world, helping them establish in new territories by finding them qualified investors and providing services such as professional representation, implementation, and design concept, operational Layout, Pre-Opening and Opening Support, and complete Business Monitoring Support.


Franchise Diagnosis

Franchise Diagnosis involves activities related to determining the franchisability of the brand. This is an initial investigation to set the pace in preparing requirements to franchise the concept.

The focus of Franchinosis is the following:

What is Franchise Diagnosing?

Franchise diagnosing (franchinosis) is meant to determine if the business is ready to be franchised. 


Our aim is to assist and prepare the business for their full franchising potential, we recommend solutions and provide expertise in all areas.


Identity the key strengths and weakness of the brand and existing operations.

​Recommend operational adjustments that will help strengthen the values proposition of the brand to potential franchisees.

Assess the status of the company’s operations manuals, recommending further additions or adjustments to be made as they are finalized for use by franchisees.

Assess the readiness of the company to franchise within the GCC countries.

Analyze the suitability of the company’s existing organizational structure to support the needs of a growing network of franchised restaurants.

Provide recommendations in other operational areas that will contribute to the improved performance of the company’s overall franchising effort.

Franchise Development

After we determine the franchisability of the business by completing a franchise diagnosis and laying out all the requirements to make the brand a franchisable concept, the stage is set to further develop the business to open several franchise units.


What is Franchise Development?

Franchise Development includes activities in mapping out the plans to franchise the business, ensuring all the requisites are met.  Short and log term objectives are determined to realize the full potential of the franchising initiatives. 

Phases of Franchise Development

Setting the Franchise Action Plan.

Protecting corporate brand images and intellectual property rights.

Determining the real market value of the franchise package.

Adjusting and improving operational procedures.

​Mapping-out a detailed franchise business plan.

Drawing a map of exclusive territories to be offered.

Training to fully prepare a franchisee for staging the business.

Writing operations manuals and other documents such as forms, stationeries, etc.

Assist franchisees in meeting the investment requirement and tailoring insurance packages.

Developing systems to monitor franchisees' progress.

Devising financial projections 

Briefing a lawyer and writing the Franchise Agreement. 


Franchise Management & On-going Support

After setting the entire Franchise Development Program for the brand, GCS may upon agreement with the business owner, assist and provide support to the business unit or in amore broader sense may manage the brand.

What is Franchise Management?

Franchise Management and on-going support stages keep the brand at a franchisable level, ensuring that operations and management of the business  are monitored and supported in all key dimensions to smoothly operate the business.

We offer resources and expertise in all aspects of running a restaurant, thrive to improve the overall financial profitability of a restaurant through well defined management techniques, and put in place proven systems that can guarantee success.

Experience Implementing State of the Art Systems

Through the Franchise Management and On-Going Support program, GCS will put in place proven and state of the art systems that can guarantee the restaurant success.  Among these are:


Point-of-sale (POS) Systems


HR Management Systems


Operational Audits


Accounting & Financial Systems


Procedure Manuals & Training


Marketing & Promotions


Material and Inventory Systems


Creative & Brand Development


Full Menu Development

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