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Retail Expertise

Our team has years of experience in helping retailers and restaurants improve operations, navigate legal requirements, establish or improve distribution networks, reduce costs, retain employees, expand internationally and more.


Food & Beverage Operations

The Restaurant, Food & Beverages Operations Department of Hospitality Concept and Solutions is established to ensure that the set of standards for excellent service are met and maintained at all times across all the brands. The company provides complete support in the following areas:

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Location Selection

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Retail Service Operations

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Mystery Shoppers

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Material & Stock Management

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Marketing Plan for

Franchise Development

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Management & Staffing

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Our Lush Cosmetics Experience

In 2008, we started a consultancy project with Lush Fresh Hand Made Cosmetics in the UK, to develop and introduce their brand across the Middle East and GCC regions.

We worked with Lush UK management to frame the legal structure, open their local offices, recruit a cross functional team, setup the supply solution, and manage their relationship with commercial malls and property developers.

Our objective was to grow the brand in the Middle East and promote growth across the region.

Lush today own and manages over 45 stores across the Middle East. 

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